Hydraulic Brakes & Accessories

Black Max Brakes

Stop on a dime....
          without spending a fortune....

  • Maximum Stopping Power
  • Light Weight
  • Smooth Braking Action - Full Floating Rotor
  • Vented System with Built-In reservoir
  • Economical & Cost Effective
  • Simple to mount
  • Ease of use
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Black Max hydraulic brake system is the most powerful, light weight, and economical Aircraft Hydraulic Brake System on the market. It is simple to mount, simple to use, and provides extreme stopping power.  Perfect for experimental and light sport aircraft.



Installation Videos:


Performance you can trust (Over 3000 systems sold)


BX1000 Hand System


  • Master Cylinder
  • Polished Aluminum Rims
  • Hub Assemblies with Bearings
  • Caliper Assemblies
  • 5/8" Axles
  • Rotors
  • Tires
  • Brake Line
  • All the Fittings and Hardware


  • 5/8" & 3/4" Axles Available
  • Heavy Duty Split Rims
  • Heavy Duty Tires
  • 4" or 6" Wide Rims
  • Heel Toe Master Cylinders
  • Remote Reservoir Kit
  • 6" and 8" Diameter Rims
  • Dual Caliper (Coming Soon)
  • Dual Pilot/Co-Pilot System
  • Parking Brake Valve
  • 5" Diameter Nose Wheel

Custom Applications - Heavy Duty Tires - Special Axle Adapters

The standard Black Max axle comes with every kit.  If you can mount the axle to your plane then you are good to go.  If you need some help, we can quote you a custom axle adapter for you or check out some models that are already available.
Axle Adapters Available:
  • Challenger
  • Quick Silver
  • Titan
  • Hawk
  • Odyssey
  • Rans
Standard Axle
Comes with every kit
Challenger Axle Adapters
For Fiberglass Gearleg
Challenger Axle Adapters
For Metal Gearleg

BX1000 - BX1320 - BX1500  Hand or Foot Operated