Hydraulic Brakes & Accessories

Black max has developed a horizontal master cylinder to be use for the purpose of dual control of independent brakes for your experimental light sport aircraft.  The 44962 is more compact and needs to be used with the Black Max Reservoir kit.  The best result is to use the this master cylinder with a pedal/lever to add mechanical leverage to the piston to maximize the braking power.  The 44962 can be used as a slave cylinder as well for a Pilot/Co-Pilot function.  (See the diagram at the bottom of the page.)  Perfect for experimental and light sport aircraft.

The 44962 Heel/Toe Master Cylinder can be used as a Slave Cylinder that allows you to hook up dual control braking system. (Pilot/Co-Pilot) When you apply braking pressure with another master cylinder either hand operated or another 44962, the pressure flows right through the Slave Cylinder to the caliper(s). The slave cylinder located in the middle of the circuit will also supply pressure to the calipers when the piston is pressed. The 44962 slave cylinder is a more compact design that does not have a built in reservoir. I can be used as a stand alone master cylinder when used with the BX-RESERVOIR-KIT.

Black Max Brakes Heel/Toe Operation
Independent Brakes Dual System

Pilot/Co-Pilot System

44995 - New dual lever independent brake assembly    (Order Online)

Used 2 of the 44962 mounted to dual levers and angle aluminum