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Please share your experience using Black Max Products and let others know a little bit about your set up and it would be great if you could please upload some pictures on the Photo Gallery page.

Quotes I purchased one of your EXCELLENT brake systems. Just thought I would let you know how very impressed I am with it. It is definitely a far superior system to any of your closest competitors, and at a price that is several hundred dollars less. The forethought you put into the system is very apparent not only to me, but to my machinist friend with 30+ years experience. I think he was even more impressed than me. He just kept mumbling the words "nice", "impressive", as we made the installation. So Thanks Again! Thank You! Steve Turney PS. and the wheels are too cool! They really put the icing on the cake. Quotes
Steve Turney

Quotes Absolutely hands-down the best brake system for ultralights under 1,000 pounds! The capability to change/repair a tire/bearing without having to dismantle the whole brake assembly, coupled with very adequate hydraulic braking authority, and easy of installation, make this the BEST hydraulic brake system for your ultralight. :-) Quotes
Jerry Witt

Quotes I received the extra brake line you sent me yesterday and finished installation last evening. Great service, great system. It's nice to do business with a company that understands good old fashion customer service. Quotes
Robert G Schawalder

Quotes If you have an older trike with pathetically ineffective nose wheel braking and you are considering a step up to one of the sporty new strutted 12M wings ??? you should consider the Black Max brake system as an integral part of this upgrade. This simple modification will exponentially increase your stopping power to help shorten your landing distances which will, in turn, allow you to explore short fields like you did with you larger surface wings. The installation is easy and Keith at FBI was amazing to work with as he custom modified the system to meet my aircraft's specs. In the eight years that I owned and worked on my ELSA Airborne trike, the Black Max Brake system was, by far, the very best upgrade I added to it. The brute stopping power gave me the confidence and safety margin to explore smaller unimproved landing strips in the mountains. Bring your older trike into the modern area with Black Max Brakes! Quotes
Harrison Shull

Quotes I LOVE these brakes. They were a fun project and they really enhanced the trike's performance and safety. I talked them up to many of my peers on the various trike forums. I even made a PDF document that was a "how-to" for others to follow. They are the best $$$ - BY FAR - that I ever spent on upgrading the performance of the trike. There is a reason that virtually all factory new trikes come with three wheel hydraulic disk brakes - it is vastly. The kit that we came up with and you were integral in developing and fabricating is the only way for those with old nose-wheel braked trikes to step into the modern era. If you ever need anyone to attest to your product, your workmanship on the custom welded adapter, or to the performance of the brakes - just let me know and I'll help out. Harrison Quotes
Harrison Shull

Quotes One very happy customer of the Black Max Brake system, very easy to install and they work perfectly on my light weight Micro-light, fully recommend this product which is extremely well priced followed by a great back up service from FBI...thank you kindly .. Cheers Brent Quotes

Quotes I have recommended the Black max system many times due to the ease of installation and strong brakes. Thank you Sam Buchanan Here is a link to some pictures of my install http://eaglexl-58.com/gear.htm Here is a video of the brakes in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTPsOL05GEY Quotes
Sam Buchanan

Quotes Keith, You have hit a winner with those custom stainless brake parts you made for me! They are in salt and fresh water often, and look like new. They brake and hold fine! If you are ever near Maryland, please let us show you your systems installed, and take you for a ride with us over the beautiful Chesapeake Bay! Many, Many Many thanks! If MY online endorsement would be useful, I would love to make one. Just let me know how I can promote you even more. I recommend you highly online in my yahoo groups! Ed Wilson Quotes
Ed Wilson